FAQs about SAPed

What is SAPed?

SAPed is a community of like-minded individuals from Pakistan that comes together through various digital and physical mediums to exchange ideas, skills, experience, and knowledge around SAP. The mediums include conferences, webinars, workshops, and small meetups.

What is the benefit of joining SAPed?

Improve your knowledge of SAP and develop a culture of constant learning and improvement. You can foster meaningful relationships by connecting with other SAP consultants and industry leaders from across organizations who will come together and share knowledge. You will have access to consultants and key industry players.

What is the SAPed Annual Conference?

SAPed Annual Conference is designed to share knowledge highly relevant to the SAP Community of Developers and Consultants. It will have talks delivered by industry experts of multiple leading organizations, highly skilled consultants and developers. It will give the community a chance to network with other SAP gurus of Pakistan. This Annual Conference will be held in Karachi at end of March and its registration is free. Join our social media pages to stay updated about dates and registration.

Who can join the SAPed Community?

SAP Consultants, SAP Developers, Individuals and Students who want to learn more about SAP and pursue it as a career.

How you can contribute to SAPed Community?

Actively attend events and workshops to network with like-minded individuals. If you are motivated and interested, you can work with us to design sessions that can help the Community.

Is there a fee to register for the Community?

No, SAPed is free to join and so are the events.

Does SAPed provide SAP Education?

No, SAPed only provides mentoring and general discussions. We don’t offer any module training etc.